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Roleplayer Kittyfox108
Wiki Username OpenThought
Age 18 moons
Rank Leader
Group EarthClan
Gender Female
Species Manie Coon
Mate N/A
Apprentice N/A
Socializing 6/10
Climbing 8/10
Hunting 9/10
Swimming 5/10
Leadership 8/10
Battle 6/10
Themesong TBD
Voice TBD

Name BreakdownEdit

Wish-For her intrest in StarClan and her grey chest.

Star-Traditional name given to leaders

Name HistoryEdit





Main InformationEdit


Roleplayed by-Kittyfox108/OpenThought



Age-18 Moons


Breed-Maine Coon



Thoughts on clan life-

It's more like a responsibility then anything. Any pawstep in the wrong direction can send you on your way to exile. And being leader can make it harder for you because you cats expect so much. To me, clan life can be hard but also not.


Summed up:Edit

WishStar was always like a background character. She grew up a normal life never having to have things like falling in love with a cat from across the border. When she was an apprentice, she noticed how her brother had fallen inlove with an apprentice across the border. She didn't tell the clan of it. When she was a warrior, she named deputy for being a good hunter. The leader at the time was killed 1 week after she was named making her one of the youngest leaders know to EarthClan.

Complete BackstoryEdit


Chapter 1

It was just a normal day in EarthClan as a small grey manie coon strolled out of the nursery followed by another grey she-cat as well as two ginger toms. The kit looked as she watched the two ginger toms play. They were here siblings, her family. Her mother looked at her, her amber gaze yellow chips of ice.

"Why don't you play with LightKit and ThunderKit?" the she-cat asked.

"I don't want to play with them," the kit said, her voice filled with shyness.

"Come on WishKit, you will have to soon start socializing," her mother said.

WishKit sighed. 

"Does she think I'm weak?" She asked herself wordlessly.

She watched Lightkit and Thunderkit playing in complete silence. They seemed to be playing clan; a game common with most kits. Wishkit noticed her mother turn her head and charged towards the nursery. She ran there quickly because of the speed that she had inherited from here father.

"Wishkit! What are you doing?" She heard her mother yowl.

"Going inside!" She mewed as she reached the overhang that sheltered the nursery. 

She sat down in her family's nest before curling up and sleeping.

Chapter 2

"Let all cats old enough to catch there own prey, gather around the highrock for a clan meeting!" The call rang throughout the clan.

Wishkit woke up towards the sound of it.

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