aka Ismena. Call me Fairy and you will di.

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  • I live in the Discussions Board
  • I was born on May 7
  • My occupation is the local grammar police
  • I am the over-stallion of Fan Herd
  • Bio I have a musical gift called perfect pitch. I'm writing a band arrangement of "Africa" for the school band. Ya proud, voss?
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Hewo there! I see you’ve stumbled across my page...

I’m Songbird of SkyClan. In roleplay, I’m a loyal warrior who would stop at nothing to defend her Clan. Out of roleplay, I WIP


Summer [Miss Masterpiece Token] SummerFunnyBunny

Willow 1 [Miss O-Wise-One] dragonqueen089

Agaon [Mister Robot] Voxcode

Ruby [Miss Friend-Till-The-End] sayleen

Willow 2 [Miss Lil-Baby-Agaon] Sealy2008

Frand [Mister Sidekick] 8ty2oo

Icestar [Mrs. Fire-And-Ice] ismenafairytaledream

Snowstorm [Mister Snowboi] SummerFunnyBunny

Goldenpelt [Mrs. Solid-Burn] twiliight

Eagle [Mister Liza X Eagle] twiliight

Iris [Miss NOT-The-SunCat-Queen] Pandababy067

Grey [Mister Hypno-Glasses] Greyfurorangeyes

Bow + Arat [Miss Duo/Miss Tiny] o0littlefox0o

Twilight [Mister Username-Is-Taken] twiliight

Chimbu [Miss Uptight Stretch] Ch1mbu

Battalion [Lil Miss Marmalade] Arttryx

Alebou [Mister Artist] Alebou

Draa [Mister Chipwitch] Dr4a

Hurricane [Miss Forest Bloom] Blossombunnyxoxoxo

Aura [Miss Disaster Squad] Madtiger05

Sketch [Mister Ally] SketchesOnPaper

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