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Founded 12/27/2017
Founder Falconflightx
Status On Hold
Accepting Yes
Species Felines Only
Camp Location Falconflightx's Den
Realm Light
Current Leader Honeystar
Current Deputy
Current Medicine Cat



Show a basic respect for everyone in and outside of roleplay regardless of religion, gender, race, or sexuality. You must always respect those of a higher rank than you. Do not "sass" higher ranks. It is absolutely unacceptable to call someone by their old name without permission. Which means you may not call a warrior by their apprentice name or leader by their warrior name.

-Powerplaying During Roleplay-

Powerplaying is not allowed, ever. You will be warned and possibly kicked from the roleplay if you have to be warned repeatedly.


Using anatomy is not allowed in roleplay. It makes things confusing and hard to follow. It takes almost forever to write and if we have a battle with non-anatomy using clans, they will barely understand. A few basic terms are allows (Form, orbs, tassel)

-Correct Look-

You are accepted to follow the dress code at all times during a role play session


Rouge/kittypet names are not allowed


If a dramatic moment is going on during a roleplay do not just run in yelling "I BROKE MY SPINE"


You may have 4 OC's


Apprentices must be at least 12 moons old before being eligible for warriorhood


Apprentices cannot have mates or kits until warriorhood, nor can a warrior may not romantically pursue a kit or apprentice. Cats can be mates as long as both cats are at an age where they can fully consent and understand the terms of a relationship.

-The Camp And Territory-

AJ World - WC World

Sarepia Forest - The Peach Grove And Hunting Grounds

Coral Canyons - The Place Where The Stars Speak

Epic Wonders - Moonstone

The camp is settled on the abandoned side of a beautiful peach grove where the grass grows thick and the plants are full. The camp is just at the edge hidden in a large thicket of tall grass into a hollow surrounded by giant peach trees.

-Dress Code-


Natural colors only. No bright greens, blues, pinks, or purples





Bunny, Red Panda, Lynx


Bunny, Fox, Arctic Fox, Lynx, Tiger

-All Adult Ranks-

Wolf, Snow Leopard, Cheetah


If an item is not on the list, feel free to ask. It may be added to the list

Head Face Neck Back Legs Tails
Flower Crown Saber Tooth Fangs All Spikes Except Rainbow Bows (The Weapon Kind) Furry Arm Cuffs Elegant Tail
Holly Crown Ancient Dragon Scarf Feather Necklace And Amulets Swords Clover Leg Warmers Double Tail
Aura Stone Crown Whiskers Fang Necklace Most Back Armors Paws Tail Armor
Skull Helmet Talon Necklace Cheetah Mane Arm Cuffs Red Panda Tail/ Racoon Tail
Vine Crown Most Armor Amulets Feline Fur Gauntlets Cat Like Tails
Pinecone Necklace
Leaf Necklace
Deer Fur



Name Ellen
Gender Female
Pronouns She/Her
AJPW User Falconflightx
AJPW CW User Falconflightx
Owned Characters Honeystar (main) 

Ayee, I'm Ellen. I'm an artist and writer. I'm furry trash 

and John Oliver is my beautiful wife.



Name Honeystar
Owner Falconflightx


Age 18 Moons
Realm Light
Personality She's sweet with a bit of country sass.
Cat Breed Oriental Long-Hair
Physical Description A honey fawn she-cat with one green eye and an amber one. Has a southern accent.
Romantic Orientation Homoromantic
Scent Peaches and a bit of kittypet
Rank Leader
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