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"The forgotten temples you one knew"

•Basic Information•

▷The Temple◁
Founded 9.2.17
Realm Nuetral
Species Multi
Roleplay Fluid


Member Count



OverLord Lieutenant
The OverLord is the commander of the group. This animal controls and keeps the group thriving. Unchallengable 
The Lieutentant is the second in command of the group. This animal becomes the OverLord once the current OverLord dies or retires. Unchallengable
Herbists Spiritists
The Herbists are the healers of the group. They heal the wounded and tend to the sick. Their rank is extremly important to the group. Unchallengable 
The Spiritists are the animals who keep the groups spirits up. This rank is semi important to the group but not as important as the OverLord, Lieutenant and Hirbists. Unchallengable
Combatants Novices
The Combatants are the protectors and hunters of the group. This role keeps the group thiving as well as this is the rank that will teach the Novices. Challengable 
The Novices are the Combatants in training. These animals that learn the ways of the group and help the group by cleaning out the nests, dens, etc. Challegable
Youth Queens
The Youth are the members of the group that are 5 moons or younger. They stay inside the nursery until they have reached their sixth moon. Challengable
The Queens are the females expecting or fostering the youth. This rank raises the future generation of the group. Challegable


Name AJ User Gender Mate Youth Species
Crystal ajmember9599 Female - - Wolf


Name AJ User Gender Mate Youth Species
- - - - -


Name AJ User Gender Mate Youth Species
TimeKeeper warriorcats609 Male - - Wolf


Name AJ User Gender Mate Youth Species
Myti ajmember9599 Female - - Albino Raccoon (In AJPW I used a red panda)


Name AJ User Gender Mate Youth Species
- - - - -


Name AJ User Gender Mate Youth Species
- - - - -


Name AJ User Gender Parents Siblings Species
- - - - -


Name AJ User Gender Mate Youth Species
- - - - -


No Drama

Nobody's Perfect

Be Loyal

Do Not Steal Other Groups' Prey

Feed Queens and Youth First

B e A c t i v e

No Power-Playing (NN/ND/NM)



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