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Founded 7/29/19 Orientation Neutral
Founder ismenafairytaledream Roleplay Style Traditional   
Status Waiting for 10 members per Clan Location Mt. Shiveer
Platform Animal Jam Play Wild Clan count 1/3
Recruiting Yes Species Snow leopards/lions/Bengal tigers



Established 4/22/19 Orientation Neutral
Founders twiliight, ismenafairytaledream Territory SummerFunnyBunny's den + Mt. Shiveer
Status Waiting for 10 members Recruiting Yes
Platform Animal Jam Play Wild Member Count 6/25

LeopardClan is a powerful and prideful Clan, living among the prickly pines and hunting in the bone-chilling snow of Mt. Shiveer. When their prey, snowshoe hares or (rarely) young arctic foxes, are hiding away, LeopardClan can disect a pinecone to make a meal for nursing queens, a shell of pinecone with soft lavender inside. As for the warriors, they can fill up on seafood, hunted by those whose secondary descendants are modern RiverClan. With their swift paws passed on to their descendants (modern WindClan),LeopardClan are elusive and silent, and you don't want to be their enemies when you're lost in Shiveer...


Established 7/29/19 Orientation Neutral
Founder ~ Territory Appondale
Status Waiting for 10 members Recruiting Yes
Platform Animal Jam Play Wild Member Count 0/25

LionClan is, perhaps, the kindest and bravest of all the Forgotten Myths. They would be more than willing to help TigerClan and LeopardClan, similarly to their descendants (modern ThunderClan), but on the battlefield they fight without mercy and without a second chance. Though they are sometimes teased by the other Forgotten Legends for being soft alike their secondary descendants (modern SkyClan), LionClan is not to be messed around with.


Established 7/22/19 Orientation Dark
Founders ~ Territory Zios + Sarepia
Status Waiting for 10 members Recruiting Yes
Platform Animal Jam Play Wild Member Count 0/25

TigerClan is the most secretive of all the Forgotten Legends. According to the Warriors lore, one TigerClan warrior once stole Petalkit, the only daughter of LionClan leader Goldenstar; and they didn't attend Gatherings for many moons, until they returned with black striped pelts rather than plain ginger fur like they had beforehand. They have a reputation for being untrustworthy, just like their descendants (modern ShadowClan). In battle they fight mercilessly, leaping into battle whenever possible and acceptable. Careful as you walk through these oaks, you might just get attacked...


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Sorry, but none of the groups are allowed to leave the Forgotten Legends system; if you wish to not attend Gatherings, ask your leader to never be one of the five chosen to go or leave the Clan.


Gatherings take place every two weeks on Saturday at:

-4:00 PM to 4:30 PM EST (Eastern)

-3:00 PM to 3:30 PM CST (Central)

-2:00 PM to 2:30 PM MST (Mountain)

-1:00 PM to 1:30 PM PST (Pacific)

-12:00 PM to 12:30 PM AKST (Alaska)

-11:00 AM to 11:30 AM HST (Hawaii) </center> RULES + NEWS

1. Respect- Show respect for others at the Gatherings, and don't show too much in-game disrespect or ANY out-of-game disrespect. Violation will result in ejection from the Gathering, and you will not be able to attend Gatherings for six weeks (three moons in our time). Leaders are responsible for behavior of their warriors.

3. Activity- Though no Clan can be permanently ejected from Gatherings as a punishment, you still must be active. Note to leaders: take two warriors, one apprentice, your deputy, and the medicine cat to each Gathering with you (with three Clans, we have to keep the amount of felines at the Gatherings limited; 20 people maximum per land, and if each Clan brings six cats, including leader, then we can have 18 of us in the same world at the same time.

4. Leaving- Again, no Clan can permanently stop attending Gatherings, however you can have your Clan take a break (like TigerClan did in Warrior lore to gain their stripes). Note to leaders: Leave a comment on the page if you and your group agree to take a break from Gatherings, including the group name and why you wish to take a break.

5. Gathering Info- Gatherings will be held twice a week at Dr4a's den, at the times listed in the Schedule section above. Don't join one of the Forgotten Legend Clans if you are unable to attend those times.

6. Editing- No one is allowed to edit this page or the TigerClan, LionClan, and LeopardClan pages. See an error? Leave a comment and the coder will fix it.

7. Drama- Drama (which, please, should have absolutely nothing to do with out-of-game situations) can be fun sometimes, but there is definitely such things as too much of it. Starting unnecessary wars or arguments, gaining magical powers, or being reborn like Cinderpelt are all examples of excessive drama.

8. War- Whether you're a war-loving member of TigerClan or not, war is, most of the time, unnecessary. If you plan a war, make sure it's for good reason or build a plot up to it, and don't drag to much drama into it.

9. Territory- Every Clan should respect the other Clans' territory. There should be no arguments or spits over it unless another Clan has disrespected territory and its owner. No Clan can claim more territory than they own: TigerClan owns Zios (the ruins) and Sarepia (the woods); LionClan owns Appondale (the Great Sycamore) and the Canyons (Snakerocks); LeopardClan owns Shiveer (the tall peaks) and the Jamaa Township (the river just outside Twolegplace).


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