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"Power comes not from the hungry mind. It comes from the hopeful heart."

Welcome to Symphony, the pack of dreams.

Music, pack runs, fun, roleplays, we have it all!

Admins Edit

OC Name Username Mate Extras
L.S. Snow ismenafairytaledream Agaon Once known by the warrior name Rainfall.
Summer SummerFunnyBunny Fryan Once was a forever-young
Scale dragonqueen089 Silver A talented chef

Pack Bases Edit

Specifically, there are two main bases for Symphony: a Moonlight Manor and a Bayou Bungalow, one being The Starfield and the other being The Vale.

At The Starfield, the sky is always dark and the moon is always high. For all the cats who come to stay here, there is a special area that resembles the Ridge where they can stay. The main purpose of this base is to watch the stars, though the visitors should be comfortable as they do so. Pillows are laid out on the floor. The best spots for star-seeing are at the Ridge-like area, called the Rock; the highest point in the den, called the Oyu; and the Station, which is another high point that you can reach by climbing a tree branch-- but for the best view of all, you can only have a glimpse at the flying comets as you ride a starship from the Station!

Meanwhile, The Vale is a camp for Symphony mainly a river with lots of fire lilies and lilypads floating around. The center, called the Queen Island, contains a giant birch tree with a campsite surrounding it. On the highest platform of the Floating Gardens, a chain of green sky islands, there is an elemental eucalyptus tree with four succulents surrounding it-- one for wind, one for water, one for earth, and one for fire. The other areas, the Housings, are customized rooms for the members of Symphony. A large island in the back, called Dragom, has statues and a firefly keeper watching over the statues. The firefly keeper is a colorful blue she-cat with flowers underpaw and a firefly beside her.

Synopsis Edit

Leader: L. S. Snow (ismenafairytaledream)

Date founded:

Roleplay type: Mainly traditional; differing beliefs

Members: 25

Max members: 25

OC Limit: 1

Status: Active/full

Beliefs: Jamaa Legends

Species: All

Special Creatures Edit

Fey Squirrel

Abilities: Flight, excellent climbers

Description: Male fey squirrels have short black horns atop their heads, and the dominant male of a fey squirrel group will usually have three black horns above each eye

How to look like one: Be a gray, lilac, golden, auburn, or white skunk with a white stripe wearing either a flowercrown or goat horns and white snowy owl wings


Abilities: Stay young forever; be protected by enemy magic of old sorcerers, and blessed by enemy magic of young ones (Hint: to be able to attack a forever-young, you mustn't be too young nor too old.)

Description: The forever-young is said to be a cursed being, and its curse can be lifted when it finds someone it truly loves with all its heart.

How to look like one: Be a pink, yellow, lavender, or light blue bunny with whatever accessories you like.


Abilities: Give others temporary curses, deal a brutal scar to enemies with its horns

Description: Alphalikes, also called spirits, usually form in groups that are very religious; they wear masks of the goddess Fryton (Mira) as tradition, and their usually white tails contain magic in three pink lanterns floating around the tail. The den they prefer the most is a Spooky Villa.

How to look like one: Be the darkest shade of gray but not black on your deer, wear dark gray icicle antlers, and wear a dark gray haunted Mira mask. Wearing a sorceress tail is suggested. Otherwise, add whatever other items you like.

Beliefs of Jamaa Legends Edit

There was a lone creature named Zios, a golden mask with green eyes. Being lonely, he created a blue heron named Mira and together they created Jamaa-- but not the way we traditionally know it.

It wasn't called Jamaa at first; it was called Balloosh. Balloosh was a dark land where the creatures extinct today roamed-- sabertooths and direwolves, to be specific. The founders of Balloosh gave each of the two species a Heartstone. Mira and Zios intended for the two tribes to work together, but instead, they rebelled against each other. The direwolf leader, Star, and the sabertooth leader, Fang, always argued. So Mira and Zios created a new creature-- today we know it as an arctic wolf, and his name was Juno. He had a white mane with dark red fur, and yellow markings all around. In case he ever needed to leap into battle, he created an armor set for himself-- the players of AJPC have seen Mira and Zios recreate this set so the players could buy it, and it is called Juno's set. It is available in the Temple of the Ancients.

Juno was made so that he could stop war between the two species, and somewhat he did. Many lives were saved because of, as his creators called him, the Arctic Wolf Alpha. Indeed, many years passed with sabertooths and direwolves living peacefully in their separate tribes. But one year, there was a shortage of food, even in the vast land of Balloosh. Star's advisors found a direwolf killed-- Star herself was convinced no direwolf would commit treason, so she blamed it on the sabertooths, who claimed to be innocent. Because of this scene, plus the shortage of food, the two sides came to battle-- a battle that left each species extinct from the land of Balloosh. Juno, as a sacrifice to save the two endangered species, turned to stone.

Mira and Zios were devastated-- the two species they had created were gone, and their hero was now nothing more than a statue! Plus, the battle had left Balloosh in ruins. So Mira and Zios hid Balloosh and created more lands-- this time, they were one land called Jamaa. Before leaving to start a new life in a new land (which would hopefully be more successful than Balloosh), the Guardian Spirits created a memorial called the Temple of the Ancients-- on the end of the room, they placed the statue of Juno, and donned him in his armor. (Later, copies of this armor were made and put for sale in the Temple of the Ancients.) To the right of the Juno statue was an empty book-- it would find its purpose.

What was a land without creatures to live in it? Of course Mira and Zios put new creatures in Jamaa-- and she gave them many more Alphas. There was not a single Alpha for each species; they all ruled. They were named after the names of the servers today. The Guardian Spirits called them the Guardians. Each Guardian was "of" a different thing. Chimbu was a wolf, the Guardian of Hunting and Warriors. Pyrenees and Blaze were the Guardians of Fire, a married direwolf couple. Pecos and Rocky, best friend coyote and raccoon, were the Guardians of Dust, Rock, and Destruction. Nile, despite his name, was the Guardian of Earth and All Plant Life. He was a tiger, and created an arctic wolf named Spring to be his wife. Bakoy, a blue and white Clydesdale horse, was the Guardian of the Sea and Water. Cimarron, a brown arctic wolf, was the Guardian of Fantasy and Magic. All his followers wore make-believe items depending on their animals; e.g. Horses would dress like unicorns or pegasi, crocodiles and Komodo dragons like dragons, octopi like krakens, etc. Draa was a black and white hyena with red wings. He was the Guardian of Familyhood. Their leader's name was Aldan, who was the Guardian of Beauty, Popularity, and Jewels. He was an arctic wolf who had legend to have had at least 30 wives! He would host parties for his followers all the time. The Guardians advised Mira and Zios to separate Jamaa into different parts depending on their biome-- Coral Canyons, Mt. Shiveer, Sarepia Forest, Crystal Sands, the Temple of Zios, and the center of the land-- Jamaa Township.

Many years passed, and eventually all the Guardians had passed away. Zios discovered that he was not capable of giving his creations immortality, and that he should stop trying to make groups of supreme leaders. So, Mira and Zios went to other unknown lands and found animals living there. After inviting them all to Jamaa, the population grew steadily. Each species now had a Heartstone, which contained the power of that species (but if the Heartsone disappears, so does the species! When the Alphas find a new Heartstone, a new animal comes to Jamaa and is available to players). Finally, the Guardian Spirits were happy-- but they were not yet done.

With the coming of the new animals, there also came a dark force-- we call them the Phantom Force, or just the Phantoms. The Phantoms wanted this land for themself, but what Mira and Zios called beautiful was not the Phantoms' idea of beautiful. The Phantoms wanted this land polluted, rivers running purple, and darkness, dead plants, and withered black flowers.

No one wanted the Phantoms to destroy their homes. Especially a young she-panda named Liza. Liza once lived on an island where pandas were taught war moves before. She wanted to teach others these moves to protect their land from the Phantoms. Soon, everyone knew Liza's tricks-- and as a way of saying thanks, Mira and Zios made Liza their first Alpha-- she is the Chief Leader of the Alphas today. Each Alpha, including Liza and all the Alphas to come, received an Alpha Stone with a special power hidden within.

Even with Liza's fighting tricks and words of working together, each species began to mistrust each other over time, to the point where they hid their Heartstones in the Temple of Zios and separated into their own villages.

One horrible night, the wolf village was having a bad day. First, they had lost an argument to the tigers, then they lost their hot spring to the bunnies, and then the Phantoms attacked.

Everyone had been so caught up in hating one another that they had forgotten most of their fighting moves. A cream-colored teenage she-wolf named Violet was hiding in the den of a blue wolf named Greely. They dearly loved each other, and he'd do anything to protect her. He, luckily, had remembered his fighting moves, but it was too late. The Phantoms took his parents, his baby brother, and Violet away-- and he never knew if he could see them again.

He began to study the phantoms, and he became very dark-minded. He and Liza worked together for a while creating new and efficient fighting moves, and learning about the Phantoms. Mira and Zios made him an Alpha too-- but with two Alphas, they decided they should choose an Alpha for each species.

For the koala Alpha, they chose a light brown koala named Cosmo. Cosmo had a special ability. He could talk to plants. He was chosen to be Alpha because, when he was bullied by three other koalas, they fell into poison ivy. Rather than leave them alone and laugh, Cosmo worked to make a cure with his plant friends. He used the cure on the three koalas, and it worked! The Phantoms had even tried poison ivy on the animals, and Cosmo's cure helped everyone get better! Since he chose to heal rather than hurt, he was a worthy Alpha.

In the midst of a messy workshop was an old monkey named Graham. He hated the Phantoms as much as anyone else, and so he created a Phantom-fighting machine. This rid Jamaa of many Phantoms, and Mira and Zios were very grateful, giving him the position of monkey Alpha.

Sir Gilbert was an orange tiger, a bit younger than Graham, who was training young tigers for battle using a book written by a giraffe named Edmund. Sir Gilbert was transferring the knowledge that everyone needed to know into the future generation of Jamaa-- and he showed the animals all the rewards of working together to stop the Phantoms. This allowed animals to have closer relationships with one another, even in different species, because they learned they could defeat more Phantoms if they worked together! So, he became tiger Alpha. (Edmund, for writing lots of books bringing Jamaa's animals closer to each other, later became the giraffe Alpha, but not yet!)

After the Phantoms destroyed Coral Canyons, a pink she-rabbit named Peck brought all types of animals-- not just bunnies-- to make Coral Canyons even more beautiful than it was in the first place. As a thank-you, Mira and Zios made Peck the bunny Alpha and helped her build an art studio!

While animals were getting closer to one another like they used to be, the Phantoms were stealing Heartstones. The Alphas had to find new ways to help save Jamaa from the robbery of their species. Liza and Greely each opened a battle training camp-- players can go there today. Cosmo discovered a new plant-- a chomper plant, which would swallow Phantoms whole. This helped Jamaa a lot. To make Jamaa more comfortable, Graham built stores for the animals in each land so they could decorate their dens.

New animals-- one from each species except for the species of the Alphas and giraffes-- discovered the Phantoms' main hiding place and demolished it, destroying Phantoms along with it. Though they hadn't seen the last of the Phantoms, they sure gave their enemies a scare. Each of these animals became an Alpha-- for example, Amelia became fox Alpha, Dakota became cougar Alpha, and LaSalle became raccoon Alpha. This was around the time when Edmund became giraffe Alpha.

Everything was running smoothly-- until a mysterious Phantom power line knocked down a building in Jamaa Township called Club Geoz. This place had given animals a place to show off their dancing skills. Sadly, Club Geoz was removed from Jamaa Township and coukd not be repaired-- but the Alphas wanted their lands to be beautiful, not with a big hole somewhere-- so they built a new, much more beautiful place called Alpha Headquarters. Each Alpha designed their own armor sets, and Graham got to work creating them and making them available to Jamaa's animals. Though they were sad Club Geoz was gone, they hoped the animals would be happy with the new store. The animals were blown away by the Alphas' hard work, and everyone visited it.

A mysterious relic called the River's Heart was found slightly later, and the Alphas put it in Alpha Headquarters so all could see it. Even later, the Phantoms visited the Temple of Zios-- they broke the Zios statue and opened a portal to their world there. The statue soon was fixed, and the portal was closed-- the Phantoms had learned their lesson not to mess with the animals of Jamaa!

Members (WIP) Edit

Here is a list of Symphony's members:

L.S. Snow

Username: ismenafairytaledream

Species: IceCat

Occupation: Mother of Dragons

Nickname: "Liza"

Details: Gray and white with teal eyes

Extras: L.S. stands for "Liza Stalyan", once had the warrior name Rainfall, Mother of Dragons, created Dragom as an extra island in the Vale


Username: dragonqueen089

Species: Deer

Occupation: Cook

Nickname: "Boo"

Details: Brown and gray with blue eyes

Extras: Silver's mate, lives in the Battle Guild base, a very experienced cook, kind, caring


Username: SummerFunnyBunny

Species: WindCat

Occupation: Motivated pack-runner

Nickname: "Sunny"

Details: Beige and cream with color-changing eyes; long brown hair and purple glasses

Extras: Favorite outfits always contain her favorite pink and yellow skirt, nerdy, shy, kind

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