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Able Bodied Cats join together at the lake, bodies sore, paws tired, and as they stare into the lake, they spot many silver flashes of fish beneath, and abundance of prey.. All for them. But ine thing stood between them, and their dinner. The cold, uninviting Waters. A few, more healthy cats, begin to move into the water, shivering at the cold, but their thick fur kept most of the cold away. A few dive beneath the waters, to emergency with fish between their jaws. A few fail, but keep trying. Soon, the large group of cats have full bellies and are ready to continue their journey. They trust slowly, so shecats expecting kits may follow close in the center of the group, with larger cats along the outskirts. Soon they come across mushy, wet ground, and trees that grew among the waters where smaller silver fish swim. Instantly they knew. This is where their new home shall be. And so they set to work

SwampClan (ManyFandoms10)

Leader, Deputy, Co-Deputy
Leader: head of the clan, Chooses deputy, names warriors/apprentices, keeps the clan running smoothly.

Deputy: second in command, must of trained one apprentice. Sends out patrols, attendance gatherings with the leader, reports back to the leader of any troubles within the clan. Aids in the clans progress. Co-Deputy: incharge when leader/deputy are not online, has to of trained 2 apprentices, can not discipline too harshly.

Ranks (Leader-Dep. Co-Dep.)
Name.     Username.         gender.    

Co-Deputy goes here vvv

Warriors Protect The clan from Invaders, rouges, Foxes, and anything else that may cause harm to their other clanmates. They also hunt for the clan and train the next generation of warriors.


Name.    Username.   gender.

CreekTail. ManyFandoms10.              male

Medicine Cat
SwampClan has 2 full medicine cats, and 2 apprentices. (We can have up to four medics) they help the sick and wounded cats heal and get better. They also help with the deliveries of kits
Medicine Cats
Name.  Username. gender. Rank
Queens and Kits
Queens are shecat warriors exowcting kits, and obviously kits are kittens awaiting time become warriors
Name. Username. Gender. Kit/Queen

. General Appearance: natural colors, Spike collars, arm bands, bow/sword, flower crowns, tail armor, and fox/raccoon hats are allowed. Ask me (CreekTail) for any other questions!

What is allowed: lgb characters (left out the 't' because its not possible for a cat to go through the surgeries, but as a 't' myself this is not discrimination). Plot,

To Keep Track of Rare Cats.

Related to Cannon:x/4


Mixed eyes:x/5

Fully blind: 1/4

Partially Blind:x/8

Fully Deaf:x/4

Partially deaf: x/5

Male Calicos:x/8

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