The United Felines
Founder Unknown
Founded January 1, 2017
Platform Animal Jam Play Wild
Alignment Side Group
Orientation Dark-Realmed
RP Style Traditional
Species Cats (Felis Catus)
Camp The Snow Leopard Ridge
Status Active

The Ridge is RidgeClan's base. It is a chain of floating islands made of stone. There is always a cat there, no matter the time. Night or day, the Ridge is always dark. The moon shines above at all times, never moving its position. In the shining stars around it are the Ancestors-- StarClan and the inhabitants of Star Mountain, where cats can see through the eyes of their living descendants, feel anything a cat they're watching over can feel (including pain and emotions), and speak with other dead cats. There is a small shop at the lowest island, where you can buy snow-leopard-themed items. On either side of this island are paths to two other islands. Each one has a candlelit wooden table, pillows and snow scattered around, and a small roof. Other than going down the slope to the bottom island and then up another slope, a way to get to these two islands is by running across three small floating islands.

Mice and rabbits can be found in cracks between the stone islands once in a while, but still that is not much for the cats of the Ridge. Prey is scarce here, and before you visit the RidgeClan base you should probably eat a good meal.

Predators are almost completely absent at the Ridge. The occasional wolf will visit, but there are not many records of them attacking innocent cats.


Never underestimate a RidgeClan cat-- you never know where danger can lurk. Some are kind, some seek battle-- some are not even familiar with all other members of their Clan. If you meet a new RidgeClan cat, don't immediately ask for their name or gender or request to be friends. RidgeClan cats are tough and sharp at times, and will NOT gladly spill all their info to you. A RidgeClan cat must earn your trust, and you must earn theirs-- though this can be hard to do.

The RidgeClan Code

The RidgeClan Code differs from that of the warrior code. It is as follows:

1. RidgeClan has no medicine cats, deputies, or specific leaders. It is pointless and foolish to try and play leader of RidgeClan.

2. As a side group, you are allowed to join as many other groups as you want (as long as they all allow double-or-so grouping), and you will not be considered disloyal.

3. RidgeClan is a Clan for roleplayers who visit the Ridge only. There is no room for non-snow-leopards (though we are all considered cats) or cats who come to the Ridge to trade. A true RidgeClan cat would not advertise a roleplay at the Ridge regularly, for they would find role-play at the base around them if loyal.

4. This is not a Clan of rogues, but RidgeClan members can steal prey from each other and attack other members.

5. There is no official mentor-and-apprentice system here.

6. There is no room in RidgeClan for fools and whining kits. If you want to whine or wail, do so at your den "with your nonexistent buddies." Ignore this rule, and you'll be put in the "Disgraces" list.

7. "Traveling fools" are allowed in RidgeClan. They can visit the base as freely as they wish, coming and going between different groups. They are allowed to hunt for the little amount of prey here at the Ridge.

8. Respect leaders and highly-ranked officials of main groups that visit RidgeClan, even if that Clan is not your own.

9. No joining form is required to be a part of RidgeClan. If you wish to join, simply visit the Ridge on a regular basis to roleplay. If you're recognized by the right cat, you will be added to the list of RidgeClan warriors, given you provide your OC's name and gender.

10. RidgeClan do not attend Gatherings as other Clans might.

11. It is okay to keep your OC's identity a secret, but if you do, you may not be recognized or put into the known warriors list.

12. No warrior can neglect a kit in pain or danger, even if the kit is from a different Clan.

13. Even with no leaders, all of RidgeClan must respect the two Regals (most popularly known cats)-- Ruby and Agaon.


RidgeClan Code

RidgeClan are a side group, leaving anyone free to join other main groups. They believe in StarClan, Star Mountain, or no ancestors. They follow a unique code known as the RidgeClan code.
OC Creation

There is no official OC limit of RidgeClan, but creating too many characters will most likely get out of hand. If you like, you can create an imaginary character. They will be listed as (imaginary) in the username section of the warrior list.

Inactivity is something that usually goes unnoticed. You are allowed to be inactive for however long you want-- though not visiting the Ridge may make you known as disloyal.

In-Game Respect

You must strive to have respect for all others in RidgeClan, especially the Regals.
OC Respect

No one can force you to leave RidgeClan-- but even without a major penalty, respect is expected from all RidgeClan cats. Before you disrespect anyone, including an outsider or Clanmate, you should give them a chance. If at least two of a cat's chances run out, it is not illegal to show zero mercy.

Loyalty is mainly about visiting the RidgeClan base at least once a week. You may join main groups or other side groups as you please.
Unnecessary Drama

Excessive drama will make you known in a bad way. There is no need for events such as random pains or dying, suddenly gaining powers (No power playing allowed), or acting very hurt by a RidgeClan cat's comment. If you are caught starting extra drama, you may get put into the disgraces list.

You can't go around telling your OC name to everyone simply because you want to be a Regal, known by most RidgeClan cats. The rank of Regal is something to be earned, and you may not earn it even if you try your hardest to.

You are allowed to give your character a limitation from the list, as long as you use it properly. Do NOT give a character a disability or limitation simply for drama purposes. If you do not use it respectfully or add lots of drama, you will be kicked from the Clan.
Page Edits

Even if you are a highly trusted member of SageClan, you are not allowed to edit the page. Leave a comment on this page if you need help editing something, and you will receive a response and an edit within 48 hours.

We expect that you are active as a SageClan roleplayer, and if you must be inactive for a period of time, please fill out the form for inactivity first. Though it's fun to roleplay with others, living your life is even more important. Activity is expected at least 3 times a week. Fill out a hiatus form if you need to be inactive for a long period of time.
Trial & Leaving

You can leave RidgeClan anytime by being inactive and keeping your distance from the Ridge. If you have been noticed by certain cats, they may track how often you visit the Ridge or are active. If it is noted that you have been inactive for long enough of a time, you will be removed from the members list.

Click each question for further information

Are we allowed to join side-groups?

A: You may join side-groups as long as you follow our schedule and stay active.
What's the RP schedule? Where is it?

A: SageClan's activity time is mainly around 5pm EST, 4pm CST, 3pm MST, 2pm PST, 1pm AKDT, and 11am HST. If your timezone is not listed here, leave a comment and we’ll find your time.

What is the main platform?

A: Our only platform, currently, is Animal Jam.
How many RPs must we come to a week?

A: 3 animal jam roleplays a week is the minimum. If you can't make that many, please let us know ahead of time.
How many OCs can we have?

A: 3, refer to our rules for further information.
Can my OC have the ___ limitation?

A: Check our limitations list and see if it is available. Refer to our rules for further information.
Is ___ a limitation?

A: If it is not on our limitations list, then no, go right ahead and use it. If upon further research we decide to make it a limitation, we will let you know before adding it to our list.
Can I have the rank of ___?

A: See Rules regarding high ranks. Otherwise, check our allegiances; above each rank's description, it will state if that rank is available for applying or not.
How do I tell a high rank about an issue?

A: If your issue is personal or has to do with another clan member, you may privately DM us on Discord, or schedule with us a private location to chat on AJ, as we don't want to cause any discourse. If you have an issue with the clan itself or want to make a recommendation, you may put it in the Sharing is Caring thread, discord suggestions tab, or a high rank's MW.
Will you do my plot?

A: In RidgeClan, you are responsible for your own plot, and no one can pretend you're there at a meeting. If you're not there, you're not there, and that's the end of it.
Wait! I have a question that isn't here! What do I do?

A: Leave a comment on this page if you have a question not listed here, and you will receive a reply within 48 hours.

Ranks & Allegiances

Ranks Key
Traveling Fools can visit the Ridge however often they want, and trade or advertise roleplay as much as they can find roleplay at the Ridge. They tend to be cunning and clever at times and can easily be mistaken for a real RidgeClan cat if seen roleplaying at the Ridge. Despite their names, Traveling Fools are not considered fools.

Regals are well-known cats; most of RidgeClan are familiar with them, however we are such a large group that not everyone knows each other.

Warriors are the fighting and hunting cats who take on no other rank. They will often share stories or prey together by the candlelit tables.

Disgraces are cats who are considered fools by RidgeClan, unwanted and often abandoned. They are not part of major plots and are most often ignored.

Traveling Fools Disgraces

Traveling Fools are visitors of RidgeClan.

Traveling Fools occasionally roleplay with RidgeClan, but most times they visit the Ridge, they come to advertise other roleplay or offer trades.

Disgraces are fools as looked at by RidgeClan.

"Disgrace" is the title and rank given to Ridge inhabitants and visitors who are looked at as fools by RidgeClan. They are given this title after disturbing RidgeClan members, stirring up trouble, and other reasons-- luckily, there are very few of them known.

Name Username Rank Gender Mate
Agaon Voxcode Regal Male Ismena
Ruby sayleen Regal Female n/a
(Unknown) Racingcheeta Disgrace Female n/a
Rift (Imaginary) Warrior Female Eagle
Koran (Imaginary) Traveling Fool Male n/a
Clam (Imaginary) Warrior Male Pearl
Ismena/Stitch ismenafairytaledream Warrior Female/male Agaon/Summer
Violet dragonqueen089 Warrior Female n/a
Juniperheart Cryomancericeegirl Warrior Female n/a
Hurricane Blossombunnyxoxoxo Warrior Female n/a
Eagle Twiliight Warrior Male Rift
Ray rachel72005 Warrior Female n/a
Storm omegagirlwolf Warrior Female n/a
Iris Pandababy367 Warior Female Dove
Dove - Warrior Male Iris
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