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PetalClan is the clan of beauty, serenity, and grace.

We live in meadows, by streams and small forests. We hunt and fight for what is right, and are loyal and brave no matter what.


Leader: Petalstar (Swirlygirl567) LIVES: (9/9)

Deputy: Vinelash (531jg)

Medicine Cat: Willow (Darlingnina) (1/1)

Medicine Cat Apprentice: OPEN (0/1)

Senior Warriors: OPEN, chosen by Deputy and Leader (0/5)

Warriors: Rose (ShyHappyKitty, trained by Vinelash)) (1/50)

Apprentices: Berrypaw (531jg) (1/10)

Queens: OPEN (0/6)

Kits: OPEN (0/10)

Elders: (0/10)


Be online at least 5 times a week for roleplaying.

Listen to the deputy and leader as THEY make the decisions.

Be respectful and don't cause drama or you will be exiled or punished.

No POWERPLAYING. An example of this is your character landing every hit and never getting hurt in return or using fireballs, etc. Or going up to a player and saying "kill" and expecting them to just die.

Must ask the player your roleplaying with if its okay to attack or kill their character.

Rogues or loners that join can keep their original name, but it is recommended that they get a warrior name.



PetalClan formed! Accepting cats!

Petalstar chosen as leader and received her nine lives!

Vinelash chosen as deputy! May StarClan bless him!

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