Info: Edit

MeadowClan is a Clan of cats located on a mountain near a meadow. We welcome all (domestic) cats: former rogues, loners, and even kittypets. We don’t allow our members to join any side groups. Our members are kind, loyal and strong, and welcome anyone into the Clan.

☆Clan information☆
Current Leader -
Current Deputy -
Current medicine cat(s) Snowstorm
Status Active
Main timezone UK
Species Felis Catus (cat)
Camp Fluffkitten23's Den
Current member count 10
Founded 04/01/2019

Current members of Meadowclan: Edit

Name AJPW Username Gender Rank Mate Siblings
- - - Leader - -
- - - Deputy - -
Snowstorm Cookieanah Female Medicine cat N/A Willowstar(Left)
Rainbranch Mallory1455 Female Warrior N/A N/A
- - - Apprentice - -
Shadowclaw Anick2 Female Warrior N/A N/A
Cocopelt Alexsys5 Female Warrior N/A N/A
Dragonpaw Campercb Male Apprentice N/A N/A
Eveningpaw Everseeking Male Apprentice N/A N/A
Willowcry Madyblitz Female Warrior N/A N/A
Owlheart Owlcitykitty male Warrior N/A N/A
Graykit Tawinklekookyroo Female kit N/A N/A

Rank Information: Edit

Leader (0/1; responsible for Clan duties and ceremonies):

Deputy (0/1; organizes patrols and helps the leader with tasks):

Warriors (4/20) fight for the clan and go on patrols): Rainbranch, Shadowclaw, Cocopelt, Owlheart,

Medicine cat (1/3; help the sick and injured and organize herbs): Snowstorm,

Medicine cat apprentice (0/1; learns to be a medicine cat):

Elders (0/4; tell stories to younger cats, are usually fed first, old warriors or queens that have retired):

Queens (0/10; nurse or expect kits and live in the nursery):

Apprentices (2/8; learn to be a warrior and the warrior code):Dragonpaw,Eveningpaw,

Senior warriors (2/10; warriors that have been in the clan for more than two months they usually lead patrols): Rainbranch, Shadowclaw

Kits (1/20; nursed by their mothers and live in the nursery):Graykit, ==

Rules: Edit

1. Drama: Drama is completely fine in the clan, as long as it doesn’t go too far or harm anyone.

2.Magic & Powerplaying: having any form of magical abilities or magical items are not allowed in Meadowclan. Power playing is strictly forbidden, if someone says ‘NM’ or ‘NO MISS’ while attacking you or prey then you are Forbidden to dodge their attack and you have to take some damage.

3.Loyalty: This is a very common rule, always be loyal to your clan or pack. In Meadowclan loyalty is very important, if you arent’t Loyal I would recommen for you to leave Immediately.

4.Double-Grouping: Double-grouping or double-clanning is forbidden in Meadowclan so please do NOT join any side groups while being in Meadowclan. Also, Meadowclan is NOT a side group so please don’t Join Meadowclan if you have a pack or clan already.

5.Patrols: In Meadowclan border patrols and hunting patrols must be done at least once a week. If you are not able to do any patrols you have to tell the leader, but the excuse for this must be reasonable. If you do not have a Reasonable excuse or you didn’t tell the leader that you can’t do the patrols, then the leader will note it down. If you miss a patrol 5 times, you get a punishment. ==

News: ===

Birdtuft joined Meadowclan as the first discord member in the clan 09/07/2019
Birdtuft left Meadowclan. Bye, Birdtuft! 28/07/2019
Rainbranch was accepted into Meadowclan. 31/07/2019
Meadowclan’s Alliance request was accepted by Platform X. 01/08/2019
Greypaw was accepted into Meadowclan. 06/08/2019
Oakpaw was accepted into Meadowclan 24/08/2019
Shadowclaw was accepted into Meadowclan 15/10/2019
Meadowclan’s alliance request to shockclan was accepted 22/10/2019
Cocopelt was accepted into Meadowclan! 08/12/2019
Dragonpaw was accepted into Meadowclan! 10/12/2019
Eveningpaw was accepted into Meadowclan! 04/01/2020
Willowcry was accepted into Meadowclan! 12/01/2020
Lightningstorm was kicked from Meadowclan for inactivity 04/01/2020
Owlheart was accepted into Meadowclan! 08/02/2020
Graykit was accepted into Meadowclan! 07/04/2020
Willowstar stepped down from being leader leaving leadership to Ghostpelt19/08/2020
Ghostpelt stepped down from being leader leaving no one in her place 19/08/2020
Oakpaw left the clan 19/08/2020
The discord server was deleted so the next leader needs to make a new one19/08/2020

Territory: Edit

Our camp is on a mountain near a meadow. We have two parts of territory: a Meadow with an old abandoned Twoleg nest and a huge ancient willow.

We use AJPW dens for territories.

Fluffkitten24's (Ghostpelt's) den for the meadow: Spring cottage

Cookieanah's (Snowstorm’s) den for the ancient willow: Ancient tree

Fluffkitten23's (Willowstar's) den for the camp: Ridgeside Cavern

Prey: Edit

Meadowclan warriors hunt fish, rabbits, (sometimes) blackbirds, (sometimes) thrushes, mice, shrews, voles, (sometimes) squirrels, (rarely) eagles.

Dress Code: Edit

Meadowclan has no dress code except the colour of your fur and your animal(also no wings):

Fur: Natural colours — brown, ginger, beige, beige-ish yellow, black, white, grey

Animals: Edit

Kits: fennec fox, bunny, raccoon, (almost apprentice): coyote

Apprentice: Fox, coyote, arctic fox:(almost warrior), wolf(if you don’t have any of the other animals)

Warrior: wolf, fox, arctic fox, cougar, snow leopard, red panda

If you want to join the clan, you can fill out the form below and I'll reply saying if you are accepted into the Clan or not.


Joining Form:
AJPW Username:
OC name:
Age (moons)
Rank (med apprentice, apprentice, kit, queen, warrior):
Cat breed:
Main timezone:
Google Hangouts username/discord name & tag(optional):
Reason to join:
Loyalty Oath:
Alliance Form:
Group name:
Clan or pack:
Member count:
Leader(s) name(s):
Leader(s) Username(s):
Deputy/Heir name:
Deputy/Heir username:
Medicine cat/healer name(s)
Medicine cat/healer username(s)
Do you have any allies already? If yes, how many?:
Where should we meet?:
When should we meet?:

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