Dens Edit

Hello, everyone. I am Swiftstar of LeopardClan, and I must say I am quite the expert at making a Clan base. Here's some basic den suggestions:

  • Outback Hideaway
  • Ancient Tree
  • Moonlight Manor
  • Cliffside Village (for water cats like RiverClan)
  • Tiger Temple
  • Ridgeside Cavern

And those are just suggestions. There's loads of other options, though I don't suggest you choose a floating island (e.g. Fantasy Castle) because cats don't live on floating isles. You could cover up the edges of a floating den with trees, but then you can't use as many items for the rest of your den. What I would require, though, is covering up all the "twoleg things" in a den (e.g. The boxes and dynamite in the Outback Hideaway) with trees. For the den floor, use wild grass or slate. For wallpaper, use Woods, Green Summer Forest, or Night Sky.

Medicine Dens Edit

Medicine dens, however important, should not take up a large portion of your den. You should leave more space for warrior and apprentice dens. For the floor of the medicine den, I suggest clover patches. They give the den a warm look. As for the actual medicine, you have a very large variety of items to choose from in Treetop Gardens in Sarepia Forest. I suggest wall gardens, raised gardens, and tall planters. Use two leaf chairs facing and melting into each other for the medicine cat's nest. (If you use very dark green pine trees around your den, use the same dark green leaf chairs here!)

Leader Dens Edit

Leader dens should definitely look more superior and different from the other dens. Use a pet Eagle's Perch with a pillow in the nest part.

StarClan Contact Items Edit

What's a Clan that can't contact with StarClan? Use a lodge hot spring, a giant crystal, or another fairly large body of water or rock as your StarClan contact item (In the books, the contact items are the Moonstone and the Moonpool.)

Naming Your Clan Edit

The name of your Clan should match its base. Try and choose a name that hasn’t been chosen. Be original, but keep it natural (No ColorClan, SoulClan, DreamClan, etc.) If you like, you could create a different Clan to be your warrior ancestors instead of StarClan. If you’re a Tribe, you should make your ancestors The Tribe of Endless Hunting instead of a custom Tribe. Choose a cool name for your Tribe (e.g. The Tribe of Skipping Moonlight, The Tribe of Whirling Leaves, The Tribe of Singing Skies, etc.)

Grouped Clans Edit

What are grouped Clans? Grouped Clans (or Tribes) are cats whom you go to Gatherings with and live near the same territory. Choose a time to go to a Gathering with your grouped Clans, and choose a place to host it (I suggest one of the lands or somebody’s den dressed up like a Gathering Place. Name your Gathering Place (e.g. The Island, Fourtrees, etc.) Stick to the main rule of Gatherings: NO FIGHTING IS ALLOWED DURING THIS TIME. You should only group Clans with people who believe in the same ancestors as your Clan. Also, Tribes should go to Gatherings with Tribes. Clans should go with Clans. Don’t mix Tribes and Clans.

Summary Edit

Just remember-- don't get too crazy with items in your base. Try to use all natural items-- and the best of them can be found at Jam Mart Furniture or Sarepia Gardens (Really good for medicine den items!). As for outfits, try sticking to little to no clothing; make sure clothing you DO use is natural (sedge hats, leaf necklaces, firefly friends, furry arm cuffs, ancient flower cuffs, ancient flower armor, ancient flower amulet, feathered ears, etc.) and is appropriate to your group. May StarClan light your path, and good hunting to all!

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