HarvestClan is a Traditional, Descriptive-Casual roleplay Clan that takes place in the lush slopes of Leadville, Colorado. The cats of this clan are known to be especially cunning, intelligent, and sly. However, they tend to come off as cold and standoffish, especially towards outsiders. HarvestClan does not have any core spiritual beliefs, although some cats claim to have seen their deceased in dreams. What's really unique is that the medics grow herbs and berries, which the combatants use as bait for traps that are used to ensnare prey. As a member of HarvestClan grows, they are expected to become synced with their Clanmates and know each and every one of them by scent. If even a margin of the felines did not know their Clanmates, then HarvestClan would perish, because they have a very interestingly unique way of life.
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