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FrostClan- The clan of honor and loyalty above all else...[edit | edit source]

This clan is big on honor and loyalty. If you are not loyal, or you betray us, there will be severe consequences. Now, on to the ranks.[edit | edit source]

FrostClan Cats (In order of ranks)[edit | edit source]

Leader: Snowystar (531jg) Pure white tom with blazing amber eyes and gray markings.

Deputy: OPEN (0/1)

Medicine Cat: OPEN (0/1)

Medicine Cat Apprentice: Ivypaw (PlayfulPenguin) TAKEN (1/1)

Senior Warriors: OPEN (0/5), (Chosen by Leader and deputy)

Warriors: OPEN (0/50)

Apprentices: OPEN (0/50)

Queens: OPEN (0/10)

Kits: OPEN (0/10)

Elders: (0/10)

CLAN RULES[edit | edit source]

  1. Be active at least 3-5 times a week. If your inactive, tell a high rank before you leave or prior to a long absence.
  2. Be respectful of high ranks. Leader and deputy make all clan related decisions, don't undermine them.
  3. No drama of any kind. I will punish you if necessary, and, in extreme cases, exile you from the clan.
  4. No god-modding or power-playing. Examples of this are fighting a cat and yours gets hit 0 times, while you are basically ripping another characters throat out or that you have powers. This is strictly forbidden.
  5. Ask another character before you injure or kill them. Its polite and required.
  6. Have fun!

CLAN DRESS CODE[edit | edit source]

Head: Anything you want

Mouth: Nothing

Back: Anything you want

Tail: Anything you want

Paws: Anything you want

Neck: Anything you want.

CLAN FORMS[edit | edit source]

Clan joining form




AJ Username:

Clan allegiance form (use this if you want to ally your clan with ours)

Clan name/link to page wiki page:

Leader of clan:

AJ Username:

Clan battle form (if you want to have a battle with our clan, use this form)

Clan name/link to wiki page:

Leader of clan:

AJ Username:

CLAN DISCORD SERVER LINK[edit | edit source]

CLAN NEWS[edit | edit source]

1/30/19- Clan founded

Snowystar made leader! StarClan bless his soul!

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