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This Clan needs more warriors, apprentices, queens, kits, and elders. If you are interested in joining, please put your AJPW username, character's name, and rank in the comments and you will be added. Roleplays take place at any time in Mydogroleplays's den. Thanks!

Leader Edit

Sparrowstar-black, white, and tortoiseshell she-cat with dark blue eyes (Mydogroleplays)

Deputy Edit

Whitecloud-lean, swift white tom with amber eyes (Bananadude85)


Medicine Cat Edit

Mistywish-gray she-cat with pale blue eyes (Princess0shaye)

Warriors Edit

Darkbear-black-and-white tom with amber eyes (Thebear75)

Gingereyes-ginger-and-white patched she-cat with green eyes (Wolfdogtundra)


Snowstorm-ginger she-cat with white underside (Renpie)

Riverstripe-white she-cat with black ears and a black tail (Pineapplecrew)

Apprentices Edit

Cookiepaw-long-furred black she-cat with white patches (Gravyapple)

Shadepaw-violet-gray she-cat with pale blue-gray patches (Rojo177)

Queens Edit

None :-(

Kits Edit

Rainkit-gray she-kit (Madtime306)

Elders Edit

None :-(


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