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Welcome to PWCW!
Greetings! Welcome to Animal Jam Play Wild Clans Wiki, a wiki that strives to be used by all roleplayers in Animal Jam Play Wild. The game Animal Jam Play Wild is a property of National Geographic/ Wildworks (Smart Bomb Interactive ). Anyone can create a page and edit as long as it follows the rules of this wiki. Please take some time to go over them.

Big Cats, Domestic Felines and Canines dominate the area with the most people choosing to roleplay as them although you can choose a completely different species for your group. Now, you may be free to edit as you wish with the rules in mind! We'll see you around the wiki!

Now, what's a website without moderators? This is were the ball is dropped. We are in need of moderators, so click here if you wish to be a moderator. Now, here is the staff:
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TreeSmoothie Bureaucrat Promote/Demote any staff member, do anything an admin can.
OpenThought Chat Moderator, Discussions Moderator Kick people off the Live! Chat, highlight discussions, delete comments, edit any comment, move discussions between boards, manage the discussions, open/close discussions
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Trailtracker Content Moderator Change page protection, Edit and delete protected pages, edit and delete files, bring back pages and files, rollback pages

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