You are walking alone in the forest. The crisp smell of leaves fill your nose. Something about this forest seems familiar. While you’re wondering what it is, something runs by.

Then another, and another.

You scamper on their tracks after them, until you’re close enough to see the pricked ears and furry tails of cats.

“Why are you running? Are you going somewhere?” You ask.

None of them answer; they only pant and keep running.

The trees are getting taller, the leaves thicker, the sky darker, the temperature colder.

”What is going on?” You venture.

Then a shadow looms over you. Thinking it’s just a tree, you continue to run after the breathless felines. But one falls down, and stares up at what is casting the shadow.

It had tall horns, a long neck alike its legs.

”D-d-deer!” The traveler cries.

”Why are you afraid of a simple—“ You were unable to finish that question.

The deer uses its strong antlers to pick up the fearful tomcat, flinging him to the side until he was breathless.

”You’re next,” The deer sneered, leaning in to give his next throw...

You really think I can scare you with some not-so-horrorful horror story? At the brink, I’ll tell you it’s true.

”The only thing you cannot escape is your shadow, unless you’re in the dark... then you become your shadow.—No spaces open for joining—

Full house; no open spaces for joining—

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